Editorial Works

Advertisement Posters

Advertisement campaign of the food of the week.

Octopus Adventure

A children's book project to be printed and distributed to kids in Los Angeles in collaboration with DesignMatters and Dr. Shana Goffredi, professor in the Department of Biology at Occidental College.


Personal works

I make merchandise in my free time.

Michelle Yung, also known as Chun Wai, is an illustrator with a big passion for colors and texture. They are interested in BG and concept art design, as well as illustration.Currently a graduating illustration design student in ArtCenter College of Art and Design.They are currently open to freelance or in house work opportunities!email: [email protected]

Awards and Achievements
American Illustration 41 AI-AP ARCHIVE collection
Society of Illustrators Student Scholarship Competition
1.2021 - 8.2021
Mary Pickford Endowed Scholarship
Creative Quarterly 62, Illustration: Student Runner-up
9.2018 - current
Art Center of Art and Design Student Merit scholarship